The Bulgarian unit of currency is the Lev (лев, abbreviated "лв", plural: Leva), comprised of one hundred Stotinki. The Lev is pegged to the Euro at 1.95583 Lev for one Euro. 1 Lev is roughly US$ 0.75 and UK£ 0.46. (Correct as of time of press). The exchange rate is better in Bulgaria than England so best to bring Sterling or use ATMs
The ATM network in Bulgaria has grown considerably, making it relatively easy to obtain cash from the numerous ATMs in Sofia, as well as in all other major cities and resorts. The national credit/debit card circuit BORICA [15], to which all ATMs in the country are hooked up, accepts VISA/Plus, Visa Electron, MasterCard/Cirrus, Maestro, American Express, Diners Club, and a number of other cards.
Bulgarian cuisine is representative of the cuisine of South East Europe with some Turkish and Greek influences, but it has some unique elements. The warm climate and diverse geography produce excellent growth conditions for a variety of vegetables, herbs and fruits, meaning that Bulgarian cuisine is very diverse.
Famous for its rich salads with every meal, Bulgarian cuisine is also noted for the diversity and quality of dairy products and the variety of wines and local alcoholic drinks. Beer from 80p, double vodka and coke 2.25 GBP premium bottle wine 5.00 GBP 
Internet access is widely available in Bulgaria. Broadband internet is available through cable, ADSL, fiber optics, WiMax and LAN connections. You can also access internet with your mobile phone, via GPRS or 3G.
We collect feedback information all the time from our guests, listening to comments and suggestions. Below represents a small selection of feedback. If you would like full feedback results we would be happy to e-mail you a copy.
Catering             Dragushinovo Chalet8/10
                                           Eagle Rock9/10
Instruction                              Summer8/10
Accommodation            Dragushinovo10/10
                                          Eagle Rock9/10
Transfers 10/10


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We have over 60% return rate year on year !
As stated earlier we are one of the only Chalets Regulated By the Bulgarian Tourist Board.
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